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What about
free toys?

Children deserve the best toys, and we need your help to spread
a good word. With your popularity and reach, you can influence the development of many children and play a valuable role in creating
the global Lucy & Leo community.

Pros for participants 🎉

Free toys

We will deliver you any toy for free for a future review or review posted on your social page, channel or blog.

New toys Subscription

We will be in touch with you when new items arrive. And you will have the opportunity to test them for free before anyone else and make exclusive content.


On our pages we repost your content with Lucy & Leo and provide a link to your page or channel.

What are the requirements for the participant? 🤔

made content

Good quality photos and
videos shot on camera with high resolution.

Post content
in time

Be able to post within 2 weeks of receiving product.

Account with a
minimum 5K followers

Have a public social account with a minimum 5 000 following.

Club members' content examples 🤳

Are you a great blogger too?

Club members did not miss

May 2019

Gave "Balancer Crocodile"

June 2019

Gave a "Guess who?" magnetic figures

July 2019

Gave a "Development Cube"

August 2019

Gave a "Carpenter's set"